Travel like Robinson Crusoe or the islands to visit this summer

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What do you think of when you hear summer?

This word only and the memories of so many past ones are taking you to seventh heaven, but indeed it is freedom, sea and waves, endlessness, waves, seagulls, hot sand, travelling, calmness, book on the beach, backpack and a mountain, sharing, being lost and being together, timelessness, joy, sun, ice creams, dresses and swim suits, carelessness,  hugs and kisses, road trips, long flights, or short ones, packing and unpacking, chilling at home, new people, sensations, being insane not to be remembered. If summer is all of this, the emanation of this whole emotion is an island and what it may offer you – a party, all your friends, music, laugh, bonfire on the beach, the moon in the sky, talks that matter and sensation that warm your heart.

Or only you two, the beach, silent and tranquil, lying on the beach together, swimming and running and smiling and forgetting that something more than this beach exist, sharing and loving and finding the wrongness in the other that fits your own one so perfectly well.

Pack a luggage, buy a ticket, go to the airport and fly. To an island this time for sure!


The very best of Greece – beautiful small white and blue houses, the mountain that gradually goes on the seaside – beauty, calmness, nice food, inspiring people, who will amaze you with their unique ancient wisdom and modern boldness.


Parties all day, all night, happy, smiley and careless young people who celebrate being young, recklessness turned into a cult and the tacit rule what happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza.


Italy at its finest – beautiful beaches, divine cuisine, history, architecture, art and dolce vita all gathered together. Experiences that will make you come over and over again.

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