Ropotamo nature reserve – a breath of beauty close to the beach

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Аfter I secured my trip in Bulgaria with local airport transportation Varna agency, I started looking for an interesting place to visit during my visit in Varna.

I already visited the sightseeing of the city, so I decided to expand my horizons and to focus on more distant places. Since I am a great lover of nature and animals, a friend advised me to visit the Ropotamo Nature Reserve. It is situated in southeastern Bulgaria, 50 km from Burgas and isshe said me. The touristic company that I chose provides me transport to any destination in Bulgaria so for me, it was no problem to undertake this trip. Inspired and enthusiastic I headed for an exciting experience to the Ropotamo Reserve. Boating on the river, which offered there showed me some of the most beautiful views in my life.


Here you can see unique natural sites: firth of Ropotamo, coastal marshes, dense forests, terraced mountain ridges with deciduous forests and bizarre rock formations such as Rock lion and small caves, sandy beach with dunes, rocky beach, a beautiful bay and a little rocky islet – Snake island. In coastal strip are presented simultaneously all stages of the sand dunes development – from their birth to their uptake by trees.

The famous firth of Ropotamo starts with the ford Dolap gechit and ends at the river mouth of the Black Sea near Cape St. Demetrius. Here the river is calm and deep. Its banks are overgrown with dense forests intertwined with lianas. The low marshy areas of the estuary and lake-old women are covered with marsh reeds and magnificent water lilies.

On the right bank of the river is protect one of the largest deposits of sea wormwood (valuable medicinal plant) here. Near the sea, the way of Ropotamo intercepted by wide sand on which grow lilies. More than 100 plant species in the reserve are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria.

Animal world

To the river mouth because of the invasion of sea water increases the salinity of river water (15 ppm), which favors big fish diversity (both river and sea species). The reserve “Ropotamo” established 257 bird species, eight of them – globally threatened. Of birds included in the Red Book of Bulgaria, here found 71 species. The reserve is a wintering ground for many rare birds and an important stopover on the Black Sea migration route Via Pontica. From the mouth of Ropotamo river around cliffs, a boat reaches Cape Maslen, which is in the buffer zone of the reserve.

Curious: Ropotamo was declared a reserve in 1940 in 1962 was categorized in the national park. Unregulated tourist flow, large-scale construction, the busy highway through the park make this beautiful natural area in the ecologically most endangered protected territory of Bulgaria. Step to save Ropotamo was declared in 1992 a reserve with a strict regime. On its territory are managed reserves “Sand lily” and “Water Lilies” and protected area Snake Island.

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