Real estate photography tips

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Either get really good at real estate photography by studying the art and investing in the proper equipment or hire a professional who has already invested hundred of hours in knowing how to produce amazing photos.

Don’t end up on this page.Below is a photo that is better than most shots I have seen taken by agents. It’s not great but I want to give you an idea of what can be done after a shoot in Photoshop. Typical of agents photos are under exposed areas because of the lack of flash power, not using a wide enough lens, and washed out colors.
And below is a the same photo run through Photoshop. The exposure was raised, the blues were enhanced, the shadows lifted, the reflections adjusted, and the lens distortion corrected. A general rule of thumbs is that you will spend almost as much time in post production as you did shooting.

Besides being an agent I am also a photographer and I often see other agents trying to shoot their own listings with sub par cameras or even their cell phones!

If you are going to shoot your own listing you need to invest in some basic gear. It won’t be cheap but it will help you take much better pictures. Start with a DSLR camera. That is a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera, the kind where you can change the lens. The Nikon D40 with the 18-55mm lens is a good start. A better option is to pay the extra money and get a wider angle lens like the Nikon 12-24mm. After the lens and camera the next piece you’ll need is a good flash. The Nikon SB900 would be a good choice. Finally get a Gary Fong diffuser that helps the flash scatter light. Once you have all these you can really start to take good real estate photos. These items, including the wider zoom will run you close to $1500 and you’ll need at least 20 hours of study to get to a decent place with post production. Either that or hire a pro and let them do the thing their good at!

Next you’ll need to learn how to process them in Photoshop or Aperture. You can pay a small fee to and learn from their video libraries or go to the Apple site and watch their tutorials.

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