Parisian tastes – a list of the things you should definitely try here

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Paris is the city of love and lights, but it can indeed offer you so much more than romantic and touristic sights only.

Paris is a place well-known for its magnificent cuisine and offers meals and treats that you have to try indeed before you die. No matter if you are walking through the streets of this impressive city or you have chosen one of the loveliest restaurants here, look for all of these:

The pastries 

Let’s start with the so popular croissant, which in Paris you can find at its finest. It is served for breakfast in almost every hotel and bistro, but you can find it in the many little bakeries all around the city, where it is home-made according to a recipe, which has been brought generation after generation. It’s a crime, to visit Paris and not to try this.

The macarons 

This is the heaven in a bite, the perfection itself – a sweet and delicate dessert in a form of sandwich with a cream between the two crunchy and so damn delicious parts. This thing is said to have been invented by Laduree and today in his shops and in many other you may find this luxurious and enthralling little bites. Don’t miss them indeed.

The cheese 

There is almost no man on Earth who hasn’t heard about the so popular French cheeses and for a reason. What you will try here will be remembered for a lifetime, I can guarantee you. In some of the remarkable cheese shops in Paris, there is even a cheese consult, who will help you find the perfect one for you.

The chocolate 

It’s not Belgium and Switzerland, but the chocolate shops in Paris offer flawlessness in boxes and not trying them, while you are here, is insane.

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