I never knew house hunting could be that much fun

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Since I graduated from my high school many years ago, I have lived in so many places, starting with my small dormitory room I shared with my now best friend and ending up at my current home I live in with my growing family.

To be honest I am not one of those people who get too easily attached to things or places and this doesn’t mean that I am not sentimental, but I simply believe that keeping the memories, the sensation and emotions in my mind, in my heart is far better than never leaving that very first home I rented where I could barely walk and find anything, because it was so small and so messy. Change is part of life, the most constant one indeed and I have to admit that I like it – it reminds me that I am alive and it makes me enthusiastic. However, what I should admit as well is the fact that I love having a new home, a new rented property that will soon turn into my new shelter, but what I absolutely hate is the house hunting – the never ending house tours where I was looking for a new house to let were tiring and annoying and so damn hard. These things bothered me so much that almost killed my enthusiasm and my passion, that much, yeah. So I am not sure if I could describe you how surprised I was when starting to look for a house to buy it was so funny and soothing, I felt careless and adventurous and visiting new neighbourhoods was like travelling and every new house I went in had its own story and it was fascinatingly interesting.

But let’s go back to the start – me being sceptical, procrastinating the whole home buying because of the simple detest to the house hunting and my husband too uncertain about almost everything.

Yeah, the idyll was true. In a matter of fact we would be probably still living in a rented home somewhere unknown if it wasn’t for two of our best friends, who invited us in the home they recently bought and beautifully decorated. We were amazed then and we hated ourselves a lot, so we sat on the couch and talked over a bottle of wine this same night and we promised ourselves that we are starting tomorrow and we are not making a step back. And then when a friend of mine recommended me the DAA Residential, which is specialized in Wapping and Dockalnds and offers the best, in my opinion, and the widest selections of homes in these regions, I contacted one of the real estate agents, and the magic happened and it was all fun from then on. He was simply not one of those who are always murmuring, being desperate every time you tell him that this is not your home, it doesn’t feel like home. He understood us always perfectly well and gave us the most precious tips ever – so yeah, my dear friends, house hunting could be fun, if you are doing it with the right person. Find your real estate better half!

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