How to use your laptop at an open house

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In my book there are only two reasons to hold an open house.

First to show the house and secondly to get email addresses! Telephone numbers are nice but face it, most people don’t want you calling to tell them about the market. They’d rather look at emails about what going on with real estate. I’m also finding that people are more inclined to give you an email rather than their phone number.

If you are new

If you are new to real estate and don’t have listings then you need to find the nicest, most expensive listing your office and ask the listing agent if you can hold open houses. If they do it on Sunday’s ask if you can do it on Saturday’s or midweek. You need to meet people looking for nice homes! Why waste time in a cheap condo when you can hold open a nice estate!

Since you took my advice on getting a laptop, now you need to bring it to your open houses. You will also need to an internet connection either on the homes wireless system or better yet with a wireless card in the computer.

Here’s how I use it.

When someone walks in the door I greet them a soon ask them to sign in and leave information on what they are looking for. If they are hesitant I assure them them you are only going to use it to help them keep an eye on the market and that your “drip” or auto notify email system is the best way to go about it. This leads into asking more about what they are in the market for. If they say they have an agent I go ahead and ask if their agent has them on a program like this. If they don’t I offer it as a tool they can use because there is always the chance that their agent isn’t very “tech” and at least you have your foot in the door if they become dissatisfied with their agent. If they say they are not in the market you need to ask yourself why they are at an open house….it’s because they do want to see what’s going on with real estate……another reason to get an email address. Just remember to get a dialog going, appear to be tech savvy and eager to get them real estate info, and get that email address!

My biggest sale ever of $6,000,0000 was because of an automated email system. I hadn’t heard from a certain client for months then one day they called saying “We really like the house on Main Street that you sent us and we’d like to see it”. Funny part is that I never sent it, the program did! 3 months later is was sold!

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