Hand luggage – instruction for use

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Every time you start preparing yourself and your luggage for a flight, you start asking yourself so many questions about that hand luggage.

What should I take, which bag should I use, maybe a small suitcase? Should I take make-up and cosmetics or better not? Do I need a laptop, or a charger? Am I going to sleep on board, yeah, better take an eye mask, no, they will probably give me one? Oh, is this thing going to beep during the security check? For God sake, I am taking everything. No, I will put them all in the main luggage and take only the passport with me. The real and one only question is, however, how can we find the balance of not taking too much, but having everything we need for a lovely and calm flight? 

Check the restrictions, find a suitable bag

As the flights are becoming the main transportation mean these days, the luggage requirements are changing far too often. You thought you can have that bag last time, you took it and the lady at the boarding started frowning and all grumpy did you that enormously huge favor and let you in without asking you to pay extra. Well, you weren’t grateful at the end, you were annoyed. Now, you better check the website of the airline you are travelling with and make sure that what are you intending to use is suitable. And then think wisely and carefully which one of your bags will be the most convenient. Maybe if you are travelling for the weekend only and you have a 23kg luggage checked in, you won’t need a whole small suitcase on board, though it is allowed. And today the whole suitcase situation is tense and you almost always need ages so that you can put your luggage up there, where it should be.


This next step is the most crucial one. Think of the time you are going to spend on board and also of the time you will spend in airports. Maybe if your flight is during the night, you won’t need some sorts of entertainment, because you are going to sleep and taking your laptop and showing it on every security check will be unnecessarily stressful, so take your phone only and a charger as well, and if you are bored use it, or simply enjoy some movies offered on board. If you will, however, spend 48 hours in diverse airports, changing flights and waiting, you better have more stuff in your hand luggage, because you won’t be able to access your 23kg one and the airports are not the most inexpensive places.


Only after you have done all the logistic, you are ready to pack. Don’t forget the things of great importance like your passport, money, credit cards and so on, and check several times whether everything you are taking is allowed to be on the plane. You better know that you will be most probably given transparent plastic bags there. And bon voyage!

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