Attention – a shoping maniac

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Even if you are not a “shopping maniac,” you are unlikely to ever succumb to the temptation to buy something that you do not need, you do not need at this point, or just sorry for the money you spend.

Everybody has a weak spot – technological gadgets, clothes and shoes, all sorts of goods for home, even food products. Apart from discounts, often tempting promotions are the “two at the cost of one” packs, the gift of purchase, any extras like promo codes, prepaid cards, and coupons for additional discounts. Sometimes the temptation is serious, sometimes we do not even feel that we are shopping “impulsively”.  The shopping maniacs are more likely to take payday loans bad credit.With different tricks you can handle at least part of the excess spending and save money for more important things.

Run away from the shops

A very serious mistake people make is to stare. Are you doing this: You go into the store to look at without planning to buy … but only while you’re at the door. And inside you are already trapped and rarely go empty-handed, despite the preliminary intentions. Or, browse online stores and offers just because it’s nice to have a look or feel in the situation. And while you’re feeling, you’ve clicked the Buy button. So just stay away from the stores – physically and online. Only enter this one when you deliberately intend to buy something you need.

“How much does it cost?”

Take a calculator and divide your net salary on the working days of the month (usually between 20 and 22). Divide the

Make a minefield
resulting amount into working hours – eight times, for example. Remember the result. These are the money you get for one hour of work. When you want to buy something, turn it into working hours. You will also realize the true value you give to each purchase. For example: If your salary is 1,000 pounds, you will receive 5.70 p. per hour for 22 business days and an 8-hour business day. If you like another pair of shoes and it costs 50 pounds, that means you have to work for it all day and one hour. And as the winter comes, for new boots of 150 pounds you will spend more than three days. Whether it is worth?

In other words, you put obstacles to blur your attempts at unreasonable spending.


Or rub the cache and data after each online purchase. Leave your credit and debit card at home and carry just as much cash as you need for the day. Depending on the temperament, the trick you can do is to go shopping at peak hours. Many people, queues, waiting and pushing can easily make you overcome and want to get out of the store faster.

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