Our carpet surely sees a lot of traffic every day and that is the reason it often get stains that are tough to remove. Here is a list with some of the toughest carpet stains and useful suggestions for their removal.

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Nail Polish stain REMOVALS

Whether it is bright red or light pink, nail polish on the carpet can be a nightmare. If you spill your nail polish on the carpet do not try to rub it off because you will just spread it deeper into the fibres. Instead, use paper towel or damp cloth to blot it. If your carpet is light in color, then you can use nail polish remover to get rid of the stain. However, this will not work with dark carpets. If your carpet is dark, then use hairspray and alcohol. Wet the stained area with a small amount of water and treat the stain with hairspray and then wipe it off with a cloth dipped in alcohol.


Probably 90 percent of the readers of this article have had red wine spilled on their carpets. Yes, it is a stain from hell but if removed while it is still fresh, it can disappear completely. It may seem crazy but in order to remove the red wine stain, you should pour white wine directly on it. Yes, you read correctly – the white wine will act as a neutralizer and will help for the easier lifting of the stain. After you have done that, use a damp cloth to dab the area and when the redness has started to disappear, you can get your carpet cleaner to action for the finishing treatment.


Oh, there we have another ‘’favorite’’ on the list. Just like every stain, it is best to treat it straight away. Use a wet cloth to dab it until you remove the majority of it. After that sprinkle a small amount of baking soda and leave it to work its magic for half an hour. Clean the soda with a cloth and your stain would have disappeared.


Last but not least on our list we have the common ink stains that appear so easily and out of nowhere that it becomes a real mystery finding out their origin, which makes treating them from fresh almost impossible. Ink is best removed from the carpet with the use of alcohol – add a small amount of alcohol to a clean cloth and treat the stain directly. Remember not to rub it at any time. Do that several times and when the stain has disappeared, clean the area with warm water to get rid of the alcohol.

Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult or take a lot of your time. Remember to always treat stains whilst they are fresh as that is the easiest way to remove them. Once they settle in the fibres, then it can be a lot trickier to get rid of them.

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