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What is the price of end of tenancy cleaning?

This question is often asked by tenants because recently landlords have become very strict when it comes to cleanliness. When you are ready to move out of the property you are renting, then it will come the time for cleaning it so you can return it in the state you have received it. End of tenancy cleaning has to be performed precisely because your security deposit depends on that. If landlords see that the property hadn’t been cleaned properly, they are likely to deduct money from your deposit to cover any further cleaning costs.

However, do you know how much end of tenancy cleaning costs and how much money can be deducted from your deposit? There is no simple answer to this question as cleaning costs vary depending on the approach you are going to have.…

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Super tricks for easier home cleaning

When did you last clean the locks at home? You do not remember, are you? In fact, hardly even the most diligent hosts stand with a rag in hand and polish, polish the keys for the lights or contacts.

We regularly clean the floors, the sinks, the bathroom and the toilet in the house, but we do not even think of passing the bulbs, the remote or the computer mouse.

It is not by chance that these things are defined as the dirtiest things in every home. However, they must be cleaned at least once a year.

The little big things we miss

Turn off the bulbs, wipe it with a wet cloth, and do not worry about it until the end of the year.

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Image of repaired laminate

How to clean up after repairs and construction work. Laminate

It does not matter whether you have been upgrading the house, fireplace in the bedroom or even changing the wallpaper in the kitchen, after repair is always dirty. The question is, how to deal with all this dirt. You can put newspapers on the ground, for example, but first, you will need a lot of newspapers, then you have to carefully keep newspapers and so on. This is a great job but and it’s not worth it, because almost always you get a corner that you have not covered with a newspaper. So, stop using newspapers and read the next lines.


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How to clean up after repairs and construction work. The bathroom

Summer is a preferred season for home repairs because it offers the perfect climate – the weather is warm and not very windy , it is not raining. The problems, however, come after that. Cleaning after repair or other construction activity is one of the most unpleasant things for everyone. Today I will give you some tips how to clean your bathroom after repair.

The bathroom

Changing the sink, bath, showering or even changing all the tiles in the bathroom. All this is extremely dirty and slow work. Image of clean bathroomChanging the sink, boiler, and showering takes less than half a day, but if you get to change the tiles? Your first job will, of course, be to clean up all the tools and big junk that remain in the repair.

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Buying is cheaper than hiring in England

Living For rent is more expensive than to buy a home in eight of the ten largest cities in the UK. Currently, rents there cost an average 9.9 percent more than the mortgage payments. This is clear from analysis of Zoopla, which compared the prices announced for sale for two-bedroom apartments in the 50 largest cities in the UK. Mortgage payments are calculated at the rate of 5% per year. In some places, the price difference between rents and mortgages is very high. In York, for example, rents are 39% higher than mortgage payments. Average rents for two-bedroom apartments in the city are at the level of 978 pounds. In another 13 of the 50 city rents are more expensive than mortgages over 20%.

Even in London, where properties are most expensive, remains cheaper to buy than to live rent.

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Image of sliced biltong

How to Make Biltong

Biltong originated from the Dutch word ‘BIL’ which means rump and ‘TONG’ which means strip. Biltong is the dried meat that is the pride and joy of South Africa. Almost everyone loves biltong. Biltong has been around for ages, this dried meat never goes out of style.

Types of biltong

There are generally two types of biltong which is beef biltong and game biltong. But as time passed people started trying new things and experimenting with other types of meat and we ended up with ostrich, pork, lamb and poultry biltong.

Biltong can be enjoyed eating plain as it is or spicing it up with some spice, from chilly to barbeque to sweet or peppery. The choices are all up to your taste buds.

So how does one make this delicious Biltong?

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How to Clean Your Floors: Believe it or not, there’s a right way to mop!  

Cleaning. Not by any stretch of the imagination the most energizing topic. This is, until you get yourself the glad proprietor of floors that simply don’t appear to confess all or that dependably look somewhat dreary. They can make your entire house feel disgusting and in case you’re similar to a great many people, then you most likely never truly put much thought into whether you’re truly cleaning them accurately or not.

Presently this little instructional exercise today will be about cleaning tiled or vinyl tile sort flooring. Your fundamental dedicated kitchen, restroom, and portal kind of floors.

 Obviously, I have a little story to oblige it. You might be interested in some mop with spin bucket  but I have a different approach to address.

Some time ago, when I used to run a branch of a specific green-aproned café, we had tiled floors that got a considerable measure of activity and got exceptionally filthy.…

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Give Happy Ending To Your Home Tenure With End Of Tenancy Cleaning

In many of the places worldwide

In many of the places worldwide, when you leave a home it is expected from the owner to provide real estate standards of cleaning to the property being left out. As renters, for all the residents, it is essential to provide end of tenancy cleaning. One of the main reasons remain that many of the companies do not return back the security deposit if you do not get your apartment or home cleaning. It is been observed that without cleaning services, it becomes a little bit difficult for the property owners to turn around a property.

Whether you are property owner or renter

Whether you are property owner or renter, opting for a cleaning service will be best decision for meeting the demand of cleaning at the end of tenure.…

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Why the Good Spring Cleaning Starts in Winter?

Image of bloom treeThe spring cleaning is maybe the nightmare of every single person who for one reason or another has to maintain his house and take care of it regularly. This clean-up is inclusive, deep, specialized, hard and almost as frightening as the end of tenancy one. However, you have no choice and you have to perform one in the spring, right when the weather is getting warmer, the trees are starting to bloom, the walks in the park seem more charming than ever and you prefer going out instead of spending days and hours at home on the cosy sofa before the TV. And in this train of thought, I bet you don’t want to be on your knees cleaning and scrubbing the bathroom’s floor, while you could be walking on the beach and having brunch with your friends.…

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Oven cleaning could be easy and simple

Most of us have possibly at least after faced the dreaded oven cleaning where grease has so perfectly settled all over our oven that it appears challenging to clean it. It can be quite overwhelming to clean a rather dirty oven. I ought to face that challenge recently when I had the property owner coming on property inspection and I needed to have the apartment clean. I was really panicking as I frankly believed that I am going to have no time at all to clean everywhere especially when the oven solely might take me hours. I rang my mother to tell her about my problems and she calmed me down explaining that she knows ways to easily do the oven cleaning with no wasting hours.…

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