Why the good spring cleaning starts in winter?

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The spring cleaning is maybe the nightmare of every single person who for one reason or another has to maintain his house and take care of it regularly.

This clean-up is inclusive, deep, specialized, hard and almost as frightening as the end of tenancy one. However, you have no choice and you have to perform one in the spring, right when the weather is getting warmer, the trees are starting to bloom, the walks in the park seem more charming than ever and you prefer going out instead of spending days and hours at home on the cosy sofa before the TV. And in this train of thought, I bet you don’t want to be on your knees cleaning and scrubbing the bathroom’s floor, while you could be walking on the beach and having brunch with your friends.

It starts in winter

But what if I tell you that the truly effective spring cleaning starts in winter and that if you help yourself now, you will be able to take it easy then and enjoy all those wonderful activities we’ve just mentioned.

How so?

Yeah, you need a warmer weather so that you could open the windows and start washing and perfecting them, for instance, but you surely do not need it so as to declutter your house. And believe me this task will take you more time than any other spring cleaning one.

Make a list

So make a list of all the things you could do beforehand, just like decluttering, cleaning the walks and all the appliances: the oven, the microwave, the dish-washer, the washing machine and the dryer. Do not wait until April to start with these. And do not do it in a day or so, because you will hate it. If you just have an hour free and you are wondering what you could do, roll up your sleeves and clean something.

Give happy ending  your home tenure with end of tenancy cleaning.

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