Super tricks for easier home cleaning

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When did you last clean the locks at home?

You do not remember, are you? In fact, hardly even the most diligent hosts stand with a rag in hand and polish, polish the keys for the lights or contacts.We regularly clean the floors, the sinks, the bathroom and the toilet in the house, but we do not even think of passing the bulbs, the remote or the computer mouse.It is not by chance that these things are defined as the dirtiest things in every home. However, they must be cleaned at least once a year.

The little big things we miss

Turn off the bulbs, wipe it with a wet cloth, and do not worry about it until the end of the year. Do not forget the chandeliers, lamps, lights, cables, sockets, and wiring.Difficult places like the top of the refrigerator, cabinets, and moldings collect a lot of dust, but as they are out of sight, they are also overlooked. It is, therefore, best to clean them at least once a year.In such a period of time, we need to wash and deeply clean the mattress, the carpets, the curtains and the soft furniture. There is also a lot of dust and mites that can cause unpleasant health problems. The blinds also fall into this column. They should be cleaned more regularly and twice a year to remove, wash and polish with an anti-static preparation. At least once every six months of basic cleaning needs the oven, and the laundry needs every dense cloth from the home, such as blankets, covers, quilts, and so on.

Cleaning three-four times for a year

You should clean the washing machine more regularly. Every three months, it is a good idea to drop an empty drum into a program with the highest degrees, drop the soda mixed with water in the dust compartment and pour a glass of vinegar into the washing machine. Rubber rings in the washing machine also need to be cleaned as they catch molds if you frequently wash them. The mold sticks to the clothes, leaving a bad smell after washing. Basic cleaning of the refrigerator should also be done at least four times a year. After defrosting it, clean the seals, door, drawers and racks with lemon juice or dilute vinegar.Prior to the beginning of each season, it is best to disinfect with more aggressive preparations those areas that you generally clean once or two weeks, such as bleaching the tub, toilet, and sink. Do not forget to clean and drain the bathroom curtain or change it with a new one.

The more you make a little effort, the less often you will have to rub the accumulated dust or grease for hours. Or another solution is to call a cleaning company. For my home I rely on End of Tenancy Cleaning Essex. Ultimately, the goal is that every corner of the dwelling has undergone cleaning and disinfection.

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