How to clean up after repairs and construction work. Laminate

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It does not matter whether you have been upgrading the house, fireplace in the bedroom or even changing the wallpaper in the kitchen, after repair is always dirty.

The question is, how to deal with all this dirt. You can put newspapers on the ground, for example, but first, you will need a lot of newspapers, then you have to carefully keep newspapers and so on. This is a great job but and it’s not worth it, because almost always you get a corner that you have not covered with a newspaper. So, stop using newspapers and read the next lines.


Let’s take an example of changing parquet flooring. It concentrates you mainly on the floor and walls, because it is probably basically the walls are torn off when placing the parquet.

Pick up all the small particles

First, pick up all the small particles left on the parquet floor and discard them. If you have left pieces of parquet, if you have taken more, you can put them in a box and leave them somewhere secure. It is likely that after a while you will have to repair or change something, so you will not go looking again for these parquet tiles because they may not be in the store anymore. If you have scratches on the walls, consider whether you can hide them with something or you will need a new paint. Do not rush to paint the whole room, just with a small brush fill only the scratches.

Do not be in a hurry

We also come to the substantial cleaning of the parquet itself. Before using any detergent, first wipe the entire surface with a damp cloth to pick up dirt and dust. You can even go twice for better results. Once you have cleaned the surface, you can now use a parquet preparation.Go carefully and carefully, do not be in a hurry, because you know what the people have said about the fast work.Also clean the edges to the wall and, before returning all the furniture and carpets, leave some time to absorb the preparation. It is good to think about a parquet preparation that keeps the wood longer for scratches and drying.

You can call a cleaning agency

If you think you can not just handle this task call a professional company. They offer cleaning after repair, for example Chelsea End of Tenancy Cleaners.

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