How to clean up after repairs and construction work. The batrhoom

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Summer is a preferred season for home repairs because it offers the perfect climate – the weather is warm and not very windy , it is not raining.

The problems, however, come after that. Cleaning after repair or other construction activity is one of the most unpleasant things for everyone. Today I will give you some tips how to clean your bathroom after repair.

The bathroom

Changing the sink, bath, showering or even changing all the tiles in the bathroom. All this is extremely dirty and slow work. Changing the sink, boiler, and showering takes less than half a day, but if you get to change the tiles? Your first job will, of course, be to clean up all the tools and big junk that remain in the repair. In each cleaning after repairs, always start in steps by starting with the biggest and ending with the smallest garbage.

Do not make mistake

The most important problem with these tiles is that there is always a trace of them on the adhesive, which if you can not remove it immediately, you leave it for a while. Do not make this mistake. Take a strong thinner or, if you do not have it, you can try a large amount of polish remover and hard rubbing.Always get and have perfectly clean tiles. Even glass preparation can help, just try.

How to clean

However, for those who have now built a house, put wallpapers, parquet and any other furniture is the most difficult to clean, because all cleaning can take a whole day. The amount of detergent you will use is enormous and maybe liter. Glass, floors, walls, ceilings, lighting fixtures and furniture all have to go under the brush to have excellent results when finished and to be able to brag about your new house. But to get excellent results, you must be uncompromising. On the side of cleaning preparations, methods and locations. You should always put all your energy in order to clean it up to brilliance and have no missed place, not to mention you can not clear it anywhere. You can always call to experts cleaners to do the dirty job for you. End of tenancy cleaning London is a good option for such a case.

Remove the big garbage first – bags of cement, broken tiles, torn carpets and so on. Then you start cleaning from the ceiling down, remembering the lights and all this is done with open windows because you do not want to suffocate from the smell of preparations. You pass the walls with a dry or damp cloth, depending on what you put – paint or wallpaper. After that, you come to the windows, there again using a glass cleaner and do not forget to go around the frames. The floor always remains the last. Use all available “weapons” and do not think about saving yourself from detergents and efforts. The more effort you put in, the better the results will be for your home.

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