Living For rent is more expensive than to buy a home in eight of the ten largest cities in the UK. Currently, rents there cost an average 9.9 percent more than the mortgage payments. This is clear from analysis of Zoopla, which compared the prices announced for sale for two-bedroom apartments in the 50 largest cities in the UK. Mortgage payments are calculated at the rate of 5% per year. In some places, the price difference between rents and mortgages is very high. In York, for example, rents are 39% higher than mortgage payments. Average rents for two-bedroom apartments in the city are at the level of 978 pounds. In another 13 of the 50 city rents are more expensive than mortgages over 20%.

Even in London, where properties are most expensive, remains cheaper to buy than to live rent. The average rent there is 2121 pounds per month and the average home price was 444 553 pounds. In some places rents remain cheaper – Aberdeen average rent one-bedroom apartment is 883 pounds and the average cost 254 618 pounds, which means that the rent is 21% less expensive than the mortgage. But all this will change dramatically if interest rates increase, say the authors of the study.

If you do decide to live for rent I will give you some good tips.

Hiring housing agency also hiding their fees and commissions. Carefully inspect every ad and search texts with an asterisk, see what they indicate. The usual requirement of agencies to have the required documents – a passport or driver’s license, bank statements, etc. The meeting is in their office where you meet and confirm that you will find the necessary accommodations. And here’s the catch – make you sign a completely harmless at first glance contract, which confirms the mutual commitment. But as always, the truth is in the fine print between the lines. After signing the contract by the agency show you a property that meets all the requirements and you pay a deposit. Should call it is necessary to prove your income and you send the necessary documents, but it turns out, however, are not approved and you need to pay a deposit for six months or one year. This naturally are prohibitive conditions and you give up, thus your deposit remains with the agency. Some of them will even send letters to want you pay more.

“Check references”

Another scheme sufficiently popular, not only among agencies but also between owners directly attach rental property is called. “Check references.” Once you have agreed on all terms and have signed a contract, you must pay a deposit. The agency assures you that will check your references and give you the keys. But it turns out that your references “not satisfactory” and there is a problem. Accordingly, you can not be approved and you withheld some of the money for the “verification”.

Be careful

Image of houseThere are cases where customers are shown wonderful property, signed a contract, even given the keys and with the proviso that after a week the property will be ready for you. As you might guess, this is just another scam where even the keys are not from the contracted property. Another popular trick often used the site GumTree is when you make contact with a potential private landlord on the Internet, he is abroad and give the property an emergency.  You “approve” signed contract and send it by email. Next step is to ask for a deposit, to give you the keys. And here things go wrong …

The video could help you in renting a property



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