Hello, I am a stay-at-home mom of three lovely daughters, I like cooking and culinary and I am interested in interior design, I am a chocolate lover and enjoy preparing all kind of desserts at home, I am keen on the idea of mastering my skills and I like experimenting with tastes and combinations. In my free time, I adore travelling with my family, hiking in the mountains and visiting crowded touristic sights and small quiet and calm places. I started this blog, because I don’t want to forget the details and the everydayness, and that is why I am writing. Have a nice time reading!
Image of straight hair

Caring for Peruvian Hair

When it comes to caring for your Peruvian hair extensions it is not a difficult task, it is just a little different in comparison to your own natural hair.

Care and Maintenance for Peruvian Straight Hair

  • Always brush your hair extensions on a regular basis.
  • Make certain all shampoo and conditioner is rinsed of your hair after washing.
  • Use a hair brush that is designed for your hair type.
  • Always make sure that your hair extensions are tied up when swimming. If at the pool and your hair gets wet make certain that you rinse of the chlorine, likewise if at the ocean make sure all salty water is removed from your hair.
  • Remember when going to bed make sure your hair is tied up at night to avoid your extension from getting tangled.
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Image of lake

Ropotamo Nature Reserve – a breath of beauty close to the beach

Аfter I secured my trip in Bulgaria with local airport transportation Varna agency, I started looking for an interesting place to visit during my visit in Varna. I already visited the sightseeing of the city, so I decided to expand my horizons and to focus on more distant places. Since I am a great lover of nature and animals, a friend advised me to visit the Ropotamo Nature Reserve. It is situated in southeastern Bulgaria, 50 km from Burgas and is

she said me. The touristic company that I chose provides me transport to any destination in Bulgaria so for me, it was no problem to undertake this trip. Inspired and enthusiastic I headed for an exciting experience to the Ropotamo Reserve.

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Image of farm


‘’You reap what you sow’’

Farms are very symbolic to many South Africans. To many people, it gives them a sense of belonging and makes one proud to own such vast lands. Many farms offer so much to people when it comes to agriculture or farming cattlenature-213364_640 or just for recreational purposes.

To be owner

Owning a farm can be costly but also rewarding in the process if you have the skills to maintain your property. Lack of knowledgeable skills is the main reason why many farms get bankrupt or destroyed.

There are many beautiful farms out there waiting for that nurturing and skilful hand. With a little bitof TLC and added determination the end result will benefit the owner, and like the saying goes ‘’you reap what you sow’’.…

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Image of sliced biltong

How to Make Biltong

Biltong originated from the Dutch word ‘BIL’ which means rump and ‘TONG’ which means strip. Biltong is the dried meat that is the pride and joy of South Africa. Almost everyone loves biltong. Biltong has been around for ages, this dried meat never goes out of style.

Types of biltong

There are generally two types of biltong which is beef biltong and game biltong. But as time passed people started trying new things and experimenting with other types of meat and we ended up with ostrich, pork, lamb and poultry biltong.

Biltong can be enjoyed eating plain as it is or spicing it up with some spice, from chilly to barbeque to sweet or peppery. The choices are all up to your taste buds.

So how does one make this delicious Biltong?

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Image of smoothies

Start the Morning Well with a Smoothie

Tell me how you start your day and I will tell you what kind of person you are. Yes, the mornings and the breakfasts are that important. And just like anyone else, I aim to start my days in the best way possible. I want to be motivated, full of energy and joy, and feeling perfect. But no matter how much I like pancakes with maple syrup or scrambled eggs with beans, they are neither the healthiest nor the best source of energy, I must admit. I wanted something better and that’s why I decided that I would not settle with the mediocre. I started researching and in the meanwhile I even started realizing how vital the healthy lifestyle is. It is not a trend, but a way of existing, which brings immediate results.…

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The Secret to The Secret Fat Burner

Popularity of the secret fat burner is literally exploding in South Africa. This new diet pill is increasing in popularity literally daily and I want to find our exactly why.

The first place to look is in the ingredients, the secret fat burner claims to only use natural ingredient so I did some research on google and I found this out.

Ingredients of The Secret Fat Burner

Bitter Orange – Bitter orange is the first mentioned ingredient. It literally comes from the peel of an orange and it’s actually extremely effective in weight loss. Apart from this the extract also has some negative side effects to a person’s health such as; Image of peel of orangeincreased blood pressure and increased heart rate. After saying this it is believed that bitter orange is the sword of the secret fat burner!…

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How to Clean Your Floors: Believe it or not, there’s a right way to mop!  

Cleaning. Not by any stretch of the imagination the most energizing topic. This is, until you get yourself the glad proprietor of floors that simply don’t appear to confess all or that dependably look somewhat dreary. They can make your entire house feel disgusting and in case you’re similar to a great many people, then you most likely never truly put much thought into whether you’re truly cleaning them accurately or not.

Presently this little instructional exercise today will be about cleaning tiled or vinyl tile sort flooring. Your fundamental dedicated kitchen, restroom, and portal kind of floors.

 Obviously, I have a little story to oblige it. You might be interested in some mop with spin bucket  but I have a different approach to address.

Some time ago, when I used to run a branch of a specific green-aproned café, we had tiled floors that got a considerable measure of activity and got exceptionally filthy.…

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Sweater Dresses for Fall In 2016

Autumn is one season which some of the people would like the most. However, there is always a conflict in what to wear in autumn. Most of the people would not like to wear hefty sweaters as they might prevent them from displaying the fashion statement which they might have actually presented through classy tops and bottoms. This trend, however, is most likely reversing these days with many new designer sweaters in place now which can be as classy and as unique in design as a normal dress would be. There can be multiple designs of the sweater which one can select these days. The subsequent Image of womanparagraphs would discuss some of the popular designs of sweaters in fashion.


Design of sweater

Oversized Sweaters: The oversized sweaters are in fashion currently particularly because of the attractive designs present today.

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Who Else Wants to Learn About Autumn Fashion 2016?

The 5-Minute Rule for Autumn Fashion 2016

Secondly, browse on the internet for boots, online stores offer you excellent services with respect to the reach of shoes available, and some amazing bargains on shipping costs and speeds. There’s a vast array of men’s workwear shoes to select from. The mood you’re in along with the image you would like to portray when selecting the ideal pair also plays in a good deal.


Autumn Fashion 2016 Options

There are many distinctive ladies fashions available this autumn, there’s definitely something to suit everyone. It truly is advised to thoroughly choose the costume which goes with your favourite makeup look from the runways and after that strive to imitate the look as closely as you could.…

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Image of Italy

All About Traveling to Italy

There are numerous things which are possible to see in Rome Italy.Image of Rome Once you go to Italy you won’t need to return home due to the marvellous matters that you will see in the Bel Paese (the lovely country). It’s a country full of magnificent art and architecture, passionate people and the very best ice cream on earth.

The carming

If you’d like little and charming, select little and charming. You could also have a cruise ride whilst spending your long awaited vacation within the mainland Italy. The quickest approach to assimilate a foreign language is always to be in the existence of native speakers while experiencing all of the culture has to deliver.

Milano is the company hub of Italy and an extremely busy city to see at any given time of year.…

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