What is the price of end of tenancy cleaning?

This question is often asked by tenants because recently landlords have become very strict when it comes to cleanliness. When you are ready to move out of the property you are renting, then it will come the time for cleaning it so you can return it in the state you have received it. End of tenancy cleaning has to be performed precisely because your security deposit depends on that. If landlords see that the property hadn’t been cleaned properly, they are likely to deduct money from your deposit to cover any further cleaning costs.

However, do you know how much end of tenancy cleaning costs and how much money can be deducted from your deposit? There is no simple answer to this question as cleaning costs vary depending on the approach you are going to have.…

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I need money? Where to find it

You can withdraw a credit from a bank.

These are the most secure and guaranteed loans. Here the clauses of the contract are clear and concrete. These are for loans with a larger amount and a longer repayment term, with a lower cost of financing, with lower interest rates, with a lower credit price as a whole.

Compared with the fast-paced financial companies, banks are more conservative, they are less flexible and mobile. Loans are not as readily available, especially if you have a bad credit history and a not so clean credit record.

If you have overdue liabilities, if you do not pay your installments regularly, or if you do not observe the maturity dates, do not rely on credit from a bank. Approval is up to a few hours, the documents required for a loan are more, banks carefully examine your sources of income and whether they are permanent and regular to reduce the risk of non-retention.

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Image of shopping

Attention – a shopping maniac

Even if you are not a “shopping maniac,” you are unlikely to ever succumb to the temptation to buy something that you do not need, you do not need at this point, or just sorry for the money you spend. Everybody has a weak spot – technological gadgets, clothes and shoes, all sorts of goods for home, even food products. Apart from discounts, often tempting promotions are the “two at the cost of one” packs, the gift of purchase, any extras like promo codes, prepaid cards, and coupons for additional discounts. Sometimes the temptation is serious, sometimes we do not even feel that we are shopping “impulsively”.  The shopping maniacs are more likely to take payday loans bad credit.With different tricks you can handle at least part of the excess spending and save money for more important things.

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Image of home

Super tricks for easier home cleaning

When did you last clean the locks at home? You do not remember, are you? In fact, hardly even the most diligent hosts stand with a rag in hand and polish, polish the keys for the lights or contacts.

We regularly clean the floors, the sinks, the bathroom and the toilet in the house, but we do not even think of passing the bulbs, the remote or the computer mouse.

It is not by chance that these things are defined as the dirtiest things in every home. However, they must be cleaned at least once a year.

The little big things we miss

Turn off the bulbs, wipe it with a wet cloth, and do not worry about it until the end of the year.

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Image of repaired laminate

How to clean up after repairs and construction work. Laminate

It does not matter whether you have been upgrading the house, fireplace in the bedroom or even changing the wallpaper in the kitchen, after repair is always dirty. The question is, how to deal with all this dirt. You can put newspapers on the ground, for example, but first, you will need a lot of newspapers, then you have to carefully keep newspapers and so on. This is a great job but and it’s not worth it, because almost always you get a corner that you have not covered with a newspaper. So, stop using newspapers and read the next lines.


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Image of dirty bathroom

How to clean up after repairs and construction work. The bathroom

Summer is a preferred season for home repairs because it offers the perfect climate – the weather is warm and not very windy , it is not raining. The problems, however, come after that. Cleaning after repair or other construction activity is one of the most unpleasant things for everyone. Today I will give you some tips how to clean your bathroom after repair.

The bathroom

Changing the sink, bath, showering or even changing all the tiles in the bathroom. All this is extremely dirty and slow work. Image of clean bathroomChanging the sink, boiler, and showering takes less than half a day, but if you get to change the tiles? Your first job will, of course, be to clean up all the tools and big junk that remain in the repair.

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Image of coffee and tea

Coffee and tea – 5 Health Benefits

Coffee and tea – cozy morning rituals that have the ability during midday declines to enhance our energy.

Yes! Yes, but also those hot drinks have long been recognized for its healing properties, which mainly comes from caffeine and antioxidants that are found in coffee beans and tea leaves. Coffee contains more caffeine than tea (coffee contains more antioxidants).Image of coffee So you can drink more tea during the day to get a balance for your health.

When it comes to coffee, you should know that some of its benefits to our health come from caffeine, some antioxidant properties and benefits are likely to come from other constituents of coffee.

According to researchers from Harvard University, one of the main health benefits of tea comes from two types of polyphenols antioxidants contained in tea leaves.

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Image of london house

Buying is cheaper than hiring in England

Living For rent is more expensive than to buy a home in eight of the ten largest cities in the UK. Currently, rents there cost an average 9.9 percent more than the mortgage payments. This is clear from analysis of Zoopla, which compared the prices announced for sale for two-bedroom apartments in the 50 largest cities in the UK. Mortgage payments are calculated at the rate of 5% per year. In some places, the price difference between rents and mortgages is very high. In York, for example, rents are 39% higher than mortgage payments. Average rents for two-bedroom apartments in the city are at the level of 978 pounds. In another 13 of the 50 city rents are more expensive than mortgages over 20%.

Even in London, where properties are most expensive, remains cheaper to buy than to live rent.

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Image of healthy food


‘The Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle’

Banting is a form of lifestyle you choose if you plan on living a healthy lifestyle, it is a Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle. With the Banting lifestyle, you avoid foods like soya, refined carbohydrates, grains, sugars, processed foods, seed oils and preservatives.  Banting is not a diet plan, it is a form of lifestyle that offers an individual many benefits.


Some of the benefits of Banting are:

  • More energy
  • No more hunger cravings
  • Increases your good cholesterol [high density lipoprotein]
  • Reduces blood sugar level
  • Reduces insulin level
  • Weight loss

Start Banting

Image of restaurantYou must be wondering, who can start Banting? Well the answer is anyone can start banting. Banting will help those who are obese, who have diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, high blood pressure and hypertension.…

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Image of snowboarding

World Cup snowboarding 2017, Bansko

With qualifications in sprint snowboard cross race started the competitions for World Cup snowboarding, which Bansko hosted by February 5th. Participation in qualifying in the women’s discipline Snowboard cross took 27 players from 12 nations. Alexandra Jekova started 16th in a row with number 32. The first 24 ladies qualify for the finals on 4th of February.

Giant parallel slalom

In men’s qualification in the Giant parallel slalom was attended by 68 competitors from 23 nations. They fought for 48 places, giving the right to participate in the finals on 4th of February. Bulgarian representative and rookie races that rank Valentin Miladinov starts with number 112. He gained the right to participate in Bansko after winning two races last week and acquire the necessary points for the World Cup, recalled by the Bulgarian Ski Federation.

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