Coffee and tea – 5 Health Benefits

Coffee and tea – cozy morning rituals that have the ability during midday declines to enhance our energy.

Yes! Yes, but also those hot drinks have long been recognized for its healing properties, which mainly comes from caffeine and antioxidants that are found in coffee beans and tea leaves. Coffee contains more caffeine than tea (coffee contains more antioxidants). So you can drink more tea during the day to get a balance for your health.

When it comes to coffee, you should know that some of its benefits to our health come from caffeine, some antioxidant properties and benefits are likely to come from other constituents of coffee.

According to researchers from Harvard University, one of the main health benefits of tea comes from two types of polyphenols antioxidants contained in tea leaves.

Buying is cheaper than hiring in England

Living For rent is more expensive than to buy a home in eight of the ten largest cities in the UK. Currently, rents there cost an average 9.9 percent more than the mortgage payments. This is clear from analysis of Zoopla, which compared the prices announced for sale for two-bedroom apartments in the 50 largest cities in the UK. Mortgage payments are calculated at the rate of 5% per year. In some places, the price difference between rents and mortgages is very high. In York, for example, rents are 39% higher than mortgage payments. Average rents for two-bedroom apartments in the city are at the level of 978 pounds. In another 13 of the 50 city rents are more expensive than mortgages over 20%.

Even in London, where properties are most expensive, remains cheaper to buy than to live rent.


‘The Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle’

Banting is a form of lifestyle you choose if you plan on living a healthy lifestyle, it is a Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle. With the Banting lifestyle, you avoid foods like soya, refined carbohydrates, grains, sugars, processed foods, seed oils and preservatives.  Banting is not a diet plan, it is a form of lifestyle that offers an individual many benefits.

Some of the benefits of Banting are:

  • More energy
  • No more hunger cravings
  • Increases your good cholesterol [high density lipoprotein]
  • Reduces blood sugar level
  • Reduces insulin level
  • Weight loss


You must be wondering, who can start Banting? Well the answer is anyone can start banting. Banting will help those who are obese, who have diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, high blood pressure and hypertension.…

World Cup snowboarding 2017, Bansko

With qualifications in sprint snowboard cross race started the competitions for World Cup snowboarding, which Bansko hosted by February 5th. Participation in qualifying in the women’s discipline Snowboard cross took 27 players from 12 nations. Alexandra Jekova started 16th in a row with number 32. The first 24 ladies qualify for the finals on 4th of February.

In men’s qualification in the Giant parallel slalom was attended by 68 competitors from 23 nations. They fought for 48 places, giving the right to participate in the finals on 4th of February. Bulgarian representative and rookie races that rank Valentin Miladinov starts with number 112. He gained the right to participate in Bansko after winning two races last week and acquire the necessary points for the World Cup, recalled by the Bulgarian Ski Federation.

Caring for Peruvian Hair

When it comes to caring for your Peruvian hair extensions it is not a difficult task, it is just a little different in comparison to your own natural hair.

Care and Maintenance for Peruvian Straight Hair
  • Always brush your hair extensions on a regular basis.
  • Make certain all shampoo and conditioner is rinsed of your hair after washing.
  • Use a hair brush that is designed for your hair type.
  • Always make sure that your hair extensions are tied up when swimming. If at the pool and your hair gets wet make certain that you rinse of the chlorine, likewise if at the ocean make sure all salty water is removed from your hair.
  • Remember when going to bed make sure your hair is tied up at night to avoid your extension from getting tangled.

Ropotamo Nature Reserve – a breath of beauty close to the beach

Аfter I secured my trip in Bulgaria with local airport transportation Varna agency, I started looking for an interesting place to visit during my visit in Varna. I already visited the sightseeing of the city, so I decided to expand my horizons and to focus on more distant places. Since I am a great lover of nature and animals, a friend advised me to visit the Ropotamo Nature Reserve. It is situated in southeastern Bulgaria, 50 km from Burgas and is one of the most wonderful places in Bulgarian nature, she said me. The touristic company that I chose provides me transport to any destination in Bulgaria so for me, it was no problem to undertake this trip. Inspired and enthusiastic I headed for an exciting experience to the Ropotamo Reserve.


‘’You reap what you sow’’

Farms are very symbolic to many South Africans. To many people, it gives them a sense of belonging and makes one proud to own such vast lands. Many farms offer so much to people when it comes to agriculture or farming cattlenature-213364_640 or just for recreational purposes. O

Owning a farm can be costly but also rewarding in the process if you have the skills to maintain your property. Lack of knowledgeable skills is the main reason why many farms get bankrupt or destroyed.

There are many beautiful farms out there waiting for that nurturing and skilful hand. With a little bitof TLC and added determination the end result will benefit the owner, and like the saying goes ‘’you reap what you sow’’.…

How to Make Biltong

How to Make Biltong

Biltong originated from the Dutch word ‘BIL’ which means rump and ‘TONG’ which means strip. Biltong is the dried meat that is the pride and joy of South Africa. Almost everyone loves biltong. Biltong has been around for ages, this dried meat never goes out of style.

There are generally two typessliced-biltong-with-spices of biltong which is beef biltong and game biltong. But as time passed people started trying new things and experimenting with other types of meat and we ended up with ostrich, pork, lamb and poultry biltong.

Biltong can be enjoyed eating plain as it is or spicing it up with some spice, from chilly to barbeque to sweet or peppery. The choices are all up to your taste buds.

So how does one make this delicious Biltong?

Start the Morning Well with a Smoothie

healthy smoothie

Perfect start of the day

Tell me how you start your day and I will tell you what kind of person you are. Yes, the mornings and the breakfasts are that important. And just like anyone else, I aim to start my days in the best way possible. I want to be motivated, full of energy and joy, and feeling perfect. But no matter how much I like pancakes with maple syrup or scrambled eggs with beans, they are neither the healthiest nor the best source of energy, I must admit. I wanted something better and that’s why I decided that I would not settle with the mediocre. I started researching and in the meanwhile I even started realizing how vital the healthy lifestyle is. It is not a trend, but a way of existing, which brings immediate results.…

The Secret to The Secret Fat Burner

Popularity of the secret fat burner is literally exploding in South Africa. This new diet pill is increasing in popularity literally daily and I want to find our exactly why.

The first place to look is in the ingredients, the secret fat burner claims to only use natural ingredient so I did some research on google and I found this out.

Ingredients of The Secret Fat Burner

Bitter Orange – Bitter orange is the first mentioned ingredient. It literally comes from the peel of an orange and it’s actually extremely effective in weight loss. Apart from this the extract also has some negative side effects to a person’s health such as; 01increased blood pressure and increased heart rate. After saying this it is believed that bitter orange is the sword of the secret fat burner!…